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Before becoming a weight management expert, I was asked about weight loss by hundreds of individuals.  At that time, the only answers available were those that you’ve probably already heard, many of which are based on myths, including “increase activity and restrict calorie”.  As you have seen, and possibly experienced, the results are physically and emotionally damaging and sometimes even devastating.  The frustrating part is sifting through all the information and figuring out what parts, if any, are correct.  Having this understanding, I am truly privileged to introduce this amazing program we endearingly call the Totally Keto diet.  

Totally Keto Diet

Keto lifestyle

This is NOT A “DIET”, it’s a LIFESTYLE! It’s actually a nutrition and food / eating program; a true, healthy lifestyle.

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Totally Keto Diet

Many people in their journey to health, weight loss, and/or better lifestyle have unknowingly boarded the wrong plane.  The principles, products, and promises take them to a different location than where they intended.  Much of this has happened and continues to happen today.  This is where you will find Totally Keto to be different than most others. Totally Keto was founded by a truth that has been researched and established over the last 2000+ years.

Did you know that the “keto” lifestyle has been researched with evidence found back to 500 B.C.?  More recently, it was further developed in the early 1900’s with the “first modern scientific study” documented in France during 1911?  Would you be surprised if you were told this protocol was designed to heal the brain as a therapy for epilepsy?  Totally Keto was the go to therapy during the 1920’s to 30’s when it reached true popularity and recognition within the majority of society.

Since those times, the ketogenic diet and lifestyle has been scrutinized and studied extensively.  The following chart was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, June 2013 (very recently).  As you can see, there is strong and emerging evidence in health benefits that involve many systems, organs and tissues throughout the body.  These are the results you can expect from Totally Keto Diet!


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